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Emily Barrows Impact Beyond Words April 2, 2012
I don't think I can post it any better than I did on facebook:

Today, I went to the memorial service for Lillian Hope, a beautiful 4-day-old baby who passed last Thursday. I had been unable to get her off my mind since she entered, struggling, into this world. After the beautiful service, I know why. Not only is it humbling to see how God can speak through an infant and bring so many strangers together, it is astonishing to see how deeply a 4 day old can carry the characteristics of her parents. In the 5 years I have known Lorri and Casey Topping, I have never heard anyone speak an unkind word about them. They have always been accepting and welcoming to ALL. They create community wherever they go. I hope and pray that the community they and their beautiful baby girl have built are able to be a support through this tough time.

I continue to keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.  I also continue to strive to live out the sense of community and acceptance that you and Lillian have shown.
Dawn (Lorri's Sister) Your stronger than you know March 30, 2012
Lorri & Casey I've not said much because words are so inadiquate as to the depths of sorrow I feel for you! Words fail me, because there are no words to express this depth of grief. But please know many, many tears have been shed, many prayers have been prayed on your behalf. But one thing I've been wanting to let you both know I have just been waiting for the right time. is that I am amazed at the grace & strength I have seen come from both of you, I know you may not see it right now because it's difficult to see througgh all the pain your feeling right now but from someone on the outside looking in there has been a level of faith & Grace you both have walked in that could only come from God. It's not human it can only come from above. And because of the goodness of God I have seen come out of your lives, not just Lillians but the two of you it has increased my faith & encouraged me and helped me to see the goodness of God through your lives. Though you might not feel it right now, your stronger than you think!!!  I love you both with my heart!! Your whole family is a testimony to the Goodness & Love of God!!!  Love & Prayers -Dawn
Elizabeth Maxey Sending love and prayers to you two March 29, 2012
Casey and Lorri, my heart goes out to you two and little Isaac as you deal with such a big loss.  Lillian was such a beautiful little baby girl, and even though she was only in your lives for a short time, she will leave a lasting impression with you both.  I can only imagine the range of emotions that you both deal with on a daily basis right now, and it is my deepest prayer that the Lord will comfort you and remind you of His presence through this trial.  Sometimes we don't understand God's plan, and this is probably one of those times.  But He is still there, holding you near Him as you navigate through the pain of Lillian's passing.  Your family here at FPC loves you guys a lot and prays for you constantly.  One day you will get to hold your sweet baby girl again, and what a joyous day that will be!  
Chanel Jack My prayer for you March 29, 2012

The smallest feet leave the biggest imprints on our hearts and lives. May God hold you softly in His embrace during times of grief. It will be a joyous day when we all are reunited with our little babies in Heaven.

Pamela Blair A poem for you March 29, 2012

I am not one for writing poems, but the Lord laid this on my heart for you.  

My thoughts elude me,
The ache searing,

Time has stood still,
Like the day is never ending,

I find it hard to breath again,
But I know You understand my pain,

Please comfort me,
Making my memories forever sweet,

Just as my little precious one,
Now at your feet. 

Joey Young Tiny Child, Big Love March 29, 2012
Lily impacted so many lives in her short time on the planet.  One message of prayer led to thousands pouring their love and thoughts out for this beautiful child.  I am blessed to have been apart of that collective love and to feel God's power working through that fragile and gorgeous little girl.  Lily, Know that you have the greatest parents and family in the world and that you were a true and perfect gift to this broken world.
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